Bespoke dressing gowns and outer gowns

Lounge Gowns

Our take on the traditional dressing gown but with added Gownsmith flair

We have included a full, sweeping lapel and gentle roping to the sleevehead

Each gown is cut by hand from a paper pattern; each gown is made by hand to the measurements of each client

Our standard pattern just needs a different fabric to transform into a completely new gown, such as our Smoking Gowns

Outer Gowns

We’ve taken our Lounge Gowns and tweaked them for more functionality outside, taking inspiration from the polo coats of the first half of last century

Still sticking to our gown roots, the ‘coats’ have no buttons; they’re simply tied at the front with a belt

Having partnered with Rampley and Co we have included decadent silk lining optionsĀ 

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