A Morning Coffee

Every morning starts with the coffee ritual. That first caffeine input is, for most people, as essential to getting the day started as getting showered and dressed.

After months of lockdown and experimenting with new beans and speciality roasters, coffee drinkers have narrowed their taste and honed their technique. Having time at home has allowed a new wave of energy and thought to transform what was simply a task into a pleasure. What used to be outsourced to a coffee shop on the way to the station or the office, is now a part of ‘waking up’ and preparing for the day at home. Gone are the days of shaking some Gold Blend over a cup and splashing some boiling water around. Now – thankfully – we can usher in a more considered ritual of enjoying rather than simply ingesting coffee.

I start the day with a cafetière coffee, and with beans from particular farms. The more specific you can be with where the beans come from, the more subtle and interesting the taste can be. Each terroir has its own story and flavour notes, and these can really be brought out with preparing the coffee simply but conscientiously. Mornings suit a bold flavour to get the day started, so opt for 100% arabica beans. Take your time preparing your coffee and take a moment to appreciate what you’re doing. A forced delay of four minutes or so is a nice antidote to the ever-pressing notifications assailing your iPhone: That mindfulness will be repaid with a better flavour and a less frantic morning brew.

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