Huevos Pruvos

The most exciting thing about Huevos Pruvos is that it’s never the same thing twice. It’s a dish with a central theme and plenty of leeway to get the most of out your cupboards without needing to interrupt brunch to hit a supermarket, or to plan too seriously in advance.

Prudence of Odelay Films gives of her kitchen wisdom and the Pruvos take on Huevos Rancheros:

Feeds 6 -8 
Eggs (1 per person)
Fresh tomatoes – I used mixed yellow and red organic about 1 punnets worth 
Canned tomatoes 2 cans 
Cannes beans (I used kidney but you can use whatever beans you have, i.e fava, black beans- obviously not baked beans)
Red pepper 
Yellow Pepper
Chilli pepper 
Red onion 2/3 (sliced and diced roughly)
Coriander – bunch for serving 
Lime x 3
Olive Oil 
Salt n Pepper 
Optional extras: 
Life is better with Feta 
1. Get yourself a big pan or wok that has a lid. Start heating it up with a slosh of olive oil.
2. Chop the red onion (goggles or glasses may be required to avoid tearful chopping) Whack in the pan as you chop. 
3. Stop the cats from trying to invade.
4. Cut the peppers and add them in. Should start smelling yummy already, just keep them cooking away on a medium heat.
5. Get those Tommys cut and in. Use it all. Chop it roughly. Nothing needs to be perfect or symmetrical, it’s a vey forgiving dish and every time I do it is ever so slightly different.
6. Pop the lid on and let it do its thing on a medium/ low heat for 10 mins. 
7. Meanwhile chop up some garlic. Get at least 3 bulbs in there, but for an extra immunity boost got for 4-5. 
8. Avoid cat who is eyeballing food AGAIN.
9. Add the garlic. The peppers and onion should be nice and soft now.
10. Add some chopped tomatoes. Organic will make you live longer and look better so…. 
11. Add chilli pepper. Add to desired strength, I recommend 1 red chilli, but you can always add more if you want to spice up your life. 
12. Add whatever nice spices and herbs you can find… garlic powder adds some nice depth, ground coriander, cayenne chilli pepper and cumin are also great. Add to personal preference.
13. Try and evolve. Add some salt and pepper to taste too 
14. Wash and drain the beans and add them in.
15. Pop the lid back on and let it vibe away for longer on a low heat.
16. Have a little Nachos snack while you wait .
17. Cut and smash some Avos. Add lime, oil, black pepper and salt 
18. Chill with cat while waiting for guests. The sauce should have reduced to a yummy thick liquid. 
19. When your guests all arrive, make little holes/ wells in the sauce for the eggs and crack them in, One per person. NOTE: If you fancy some extra flavour sensation then crumble feta on the eggs as they cook. 
20. Pop the lid back on. Once the egg is cooked you are good to serve up. 
21. Serve with a wedge of lime, coriander and the smashed avocado. 

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