Martini Watershed

What is it about the classic dry martini I revere so much?

Is it the shape of the glass? Is it the fact that it makes me a little bit cool like Don Draper? Or is it that it feels sophisticated drinking effectively neat alcohol?… I would argue it’s how a dry martini is the best way to move from being ‘at work’ to ‘at home’ with one small sip. 

The make up of the perfect dry martini is largely ice cold Gin (my preference) or Vodka with the slightest of hints of dry vermouth.

When mixed well over lots of ice and served in a frosted ‘martini’ glass it only takes that first sip to help transfer you from your previous ‘at work’ frame of mind to a more relaxed ‘at home’ mindset.

So what is the perfect dry martini? Simply the martini made by you and sipped at exactly the moment when it will have its greatest effect. Let it dissolve away work stress and relax you.


Nicholas Bownman-Scargill

Managing Director, Fears Watch Company

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