Working from home

Spending so much time at home is no reason to let the standards slip. What you wear may change, but surely not the things you care about. Even homewear and loungewear can offer terrific fabrics, thoughtful design, and a feeling of being your best self.

After months of Zoom calls, it’s time to start thinking about transitioning back to the world. There will be untold opportunities as we crawl out from under the rock and fix our gaze on mixing with the great unwashed of friends and colleagues once again.
With that in mind, do you want to be the person famed for bleary eyes, unkempt hair and a scruffy t-shirt complete with paint stains from Lockdown 1.0? If that’s what you’re presenting to the world in your video conferences, you have to up your game. And how better than to wear a shirt and, yes, even a tie now and then. All topped off with a gown to keep you comfortable and retain a little pomp and hint of circumstance.

And for those not afflicted with incessant Zooms and Skypes, isn’t it still just a bit more fulfilling to care about what you wear, even when you’re at home? At Gownsmith, we’d suggest it is, and especially when you’re at home, because that’s when you’re dressing for yourself.
Is it not a much-valued fillip to actually choose an outfit for the day? Even if you have a casual day ahead, is it not more meaningful to wear fresh clothes, which you care about?

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