Lounge Gowns for Home

Luxury dressing gowns at their best. The traditional gown style for wearing at home and feeling warmer and more comfortable.
We always focus on the fabric to create flowing, soft dressing gowns to fall asleep on the sofa in.

Resort Gowns for Abroad

These summer dressing gowns are the epitome of louche holiday style; great for beach- pool-side antics.
Our towelling gowns are of dense cotton to mop up bits of the pool or sea that may still be clinging on.

Cardi Gown Casual Overshirts

Our take on a casual overshirt, still keeping the main elements of our lounge gowns, but just short like a jacket and designed to be worn open and relaxed.

Resort Gowns for Abroad

Gowns for wearing as coats; thicker materials, lined, but still with our trademark comfortable slouchy look and feel. These Outer Gowns are based on a hybrid of our lounge gowns and the sort of Polo Coat that would have been thrown on between chukkas a century ago.

I'm afraid we have sold out of these, but please leave your email below and we will inform you as soon as we get more in.