Collection: Resort Gowns

Is there not something luxurious in wearing your own gown on holiday or at a spa? Not picking up one of the oft-used complimentary robes, but shrugging on one of your own. Does it not take you back to the idea of packing a steamer trunk in the golden age of travel? When people would take with them a good deal of their ‘home’ and roam the world without ever feeling lost.

It was this thought uppermost in our minds when we drew inspiration from the resort gowns of yesteryear. We love the idea of taking a little piece of comfort with you when travelling and of ‘owning’ part of that far flung location, which although many miles from ‘home’, never feels remote. Because you know where your towel is.

The first cloth we searched for was a thick, dense towelling. Something would mop up bits of swimming pool or sea and keep the wearer warm. And naturally, when looking at colours, we were drawn to bright, summery hues. The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) featured a wonderful orange double breasted gown that was such an exciting, louche, devil-may-care number that we just had to create our version of it!

There’s something just a bit more fitting to a holiday in bold fabric colours. The idea of our Resort Gowns is marked with long days of bright sunshine and the cheerful clink of drinks glasses.

We hope that you will be able to share in our mood when slipping on one of our gowns.