Collection: Lounge Gowns

Our Lounge Gowns were developed with a traditional dressing gown in mind. Not a bathrobe, but an extra layer worn to keep warm about the house. Back in the day, this is how things were done. One wouldn’t be caught solely in pyjamas or shirt sleeves. Before one was fully dressed, complete with jacket, one would be shrug on a dressing gown. What else would one do, we wonder?

Fast forward to today and the wide acceptance of central heating, double glazing and global warming, and the requirement (albeit not the desire) of wearing a dressing gown to keep out the chill is lessened. That said, of course we all ought be aware that wearing an extra layer is more economical than firing up the radiators. On that note, wool is a bit of a wonder fabric – and our pick for the majority of the Gownsmith lounge and dressing gown line up.

We decided that Gownsmith is going to focus on that original sentiment of being warm, cozy and comfortable at home. We are going to make Lounge Gowns for relaxing and feeling ‘at home’. Our focus is going to be on the feeling of the wearer. Our dressing gowns look amazing, of course, but how other people view you is less important to how you feel.