Collection: Cardi Gowns

At Gownsmith, we have never believed that you can feel ‘at home’ only when you are literally at home. We want that feeling of being secure and at ease even when we’re out and about. That was the thinking behind our Outer Gowns, and that’s also the sentiment that was key to developing the Cardigown.

We wanted a casual extra layer to throw on, whether at home or not. The Cardigown is exactly that; a cardigan length overshirt type jacket thingy with two patch pockets to shrug on.

We have kept a lot of similarities between our lounge gowns and the cardigown. The same sleeves, pockets, shoulders, body. But we’ve taken off the lapels and reduced the wrap so that the front doesn’t overlap like normal. Instead the cardigown just hangs naturally to just about touch at the front.