A new way with luxury dressing gowns

Our luxury dressing gowns evoke that sense of feeling ‘at home’, whether our Lounge Gowns for wearing about your house, Resort Gowns for holidays or Outer Gowns for being out and about. Something comfortable and nurturing, relaxing and at ease.

Every new gown pick starts with the cloth. We only ever use superior fabrics that echo the feeling of being ‘at home’.

We have a range of styles to suit a contemporary lifestyle; for home, for abroad, for out and about.

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At Gownsmith our mission is to make people feel comfortable in their own skin. Too often we dress for others; outfits for our workplaces or for how we want to be seen by our friends… At Gownsmith you can find luxury dressing gowns and coats to dress in a way that prioritises feel as well as aesthetic.

We want you to feel comfortable. We want you to feel ‘at home’.

Each of our gowns is made individually. One tailor handles the cutting of the pattern and sewing the pieces from start to finish. It is this level of artisan craftsmanship that makes our gowns so personal to us and, we hope, to you too. The Savile Row traditions of paper patterns and cutting with tailoring shears are still dear to us; each step of making is a hands on process and key to us creating both a luxury dressing gown and garment that we genuinely care about.

We are a small team at Gownsmith, and we find a clarity in focusing on one thing at a time. We focus on gowns in all their forms. Luxury dressing gowns for wearing around your own home – our Lounge Gowns – summery robes for warmer climes and pool- beach-side antics – our Resort Gowns – and our Outer Gowns, which are based on a hybrid of polo coats and our double-breasted Resort Gown pattern.

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