Handmade for you

Let us create a bespoke gown especially for you; your choice of cloth, styling and sizing.

Bespoke Dressing Gowns


Add monogramming to your gowns to personalise your gown that little bit more. Ideal for gifting, we can offer a range of fonts and colours to stitch initials in.

Made to Order

To offer a wider variety of gowns that we are able to stock as ready-to-wear, and because we have work directly with our makers rather than outsourcing to a factory, we are able to create one-off gowns without difficulty.

We invite you to pick your cloth (with our guidance) and we will use our existing patterns to create that one unique gown expressly for you.

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Full Bespoke

For the ultimate in a personal gown, we can create a fresh paper pattern for you. To your measurements, with the details you create with us; turnback cuffs, belted or pleated backs, floor length, Nehru collars… Whatever you choose. That’s what bespoke is all about.

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